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Sir's Jewel

I am a Swedish submissive in my latest twenties, living in a 24/7 ds relationsship with Sir. In my blog you can read about the daily life as a submissive, our privileges and boundaries, hard- and soft limits, passion and (un)conditional love.

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2015-09-01 - That weekend
I want to share a memory with you because of the temporary lack of sexual activity. Sir took me to a trip to Swedens third biggest city, Malmoe, to celebrate my birthday. We stayed at a hotell with..

2015-08-31 - Still having guests..
…and it drives me insane. I.WANT.TO.FUCK.NOW.

2015-08-30 - What do I get out of this?
For people who don’t live in d/s relationships, this way of life can seems inequal and abusive. From the viewers perspective I can understand that idea, but d/s relationships are not..

2015-08-29 - A little message
Master texted me yesterday. I want to share two of them: ”How can I bare to ignore my desire to fuck you…for days! We have to do something. We must be quiet.” My reply: ”I can..

2015-08-28 - First experience of sexual dominance
This happend for about seven-eight years ago, long before me and my husband were going to step into a d/s relationship. We have for sure lived for a long time together, but we met when I was nearly..

2015-08-27 - A resume from last night
I took a shower, put the dress on and walked into the bedroom where Master waited. He looked at me with a mix of exasperation and sexual attraction. Oh that look, it really turns me on… Master..

2015-08-26 - Forbidden thoughts
I’m planning to write about the first time I experienced that dominance aurosed my sexual feelings to another level. It was years ago and happend coincidently after a party with a little too..

2015-08-25 - Two days ago
After had being apart for 36 hours Master wanted me to please him with my mouth. Dressed in elegant black thong I was told on all fours on the bed. Master stood behind me and admired the view,..

2015-08-23 - Master is home!
I’m not allowed to touch him until he gives permission, but he’s home!

2015-08-23 - Master has a weekend off
Master left as planned yesterday morning. He left me a letter with my missions for the time he’s gone. Actually,  Master never has a day off, he just controlls me from distance. That keeps..

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